CUKEA China-UK Education Alliance

Co-operation Promotes Friendship - Dreams Achieve Brilliance

Put simply, CUKEA is supported by a collective of China-UK Education Influencers who draw together people, schools, businesses and organisations. CUKEA is a no-fee, not-for profit, independent organisation - sponsored by Real World Education Group Ltd. as a social mission to develop UK-China relationships and education partnerships 

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  • Building Sino-UK relationships and cultural capital

    Creativity - Academic - Life skills - Innovation - Experience - Enjoyment - Enrichment - Excitement - Physicality - Emotional wellbeing - Healthy living - Culinary beauty - Business & Commerce - Social Skills - Partnerships - Hospitality - Travel

What do we do?

This site provides a base for the continual development of networks and knowledge to support China-UK relations and projects. If you have a story to tell or an idea to share, please get in touch through our contact form - or add a blog post using the forms on the blog pages.

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    What does Cultural Capital mean?

    Helping to identify the best possible cultural reference points for lifelong learners

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    Useful tools for developing cultural capital in education environments

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    Supporting Teachers

    Support for teachers currently working in China

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    CUKEA Cultural Capital Award

    Celebrating schools and colleges who bring cultural capital to their students

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    International Schools Award

    The flagship award developed by the British Council

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    Teach in China

    Fulfil the dream of traveling, at the same time as contributing to society

Cooperation promotes friendship - dreams achieve brilliance

Our aim is to develop Sino-UK education and business relations, and to develop cultural capital opportunities for young people.


Bringing the world to the UK and China

Not for profit association promoting cooperation and education

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